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Dr. Ross Ewing


This website incorporates many aviation books written by the late Ross Ewing a pilot who had a wide range of flying experiences, from fighter pilot to a medical doctor specialising in avaition medicine. The site will develop its theme of aviation related stories as well as other books based on personal expereinces and themes.

What is Flyingbooks

Citadel Books acknowledge the work by the late Ross Ewing in writing about his experience in aviation. His works are written in a simple and very readable style. Ron Pemberton, an aviator himself, has written three biographical works, two of them on aviators. His first was on Trevor Bland, the other on a Spitfire pilot from WWII. His latest work is on a New Zealand soldier who was forced to surrender on Crete in 1941. The site, while predominately aviation based, will encompasses other genre as time goes by.

All About Aerobatics
This book is a "must have" to fully understand what "flying" is.
$ 35.00

A long Road, A soldiers Tale.
$ 40.00

Catalina Dreaming
An adventure about the PBY-5A "Catalina" flying boat.
$ 25.00

Rags to Rivets ? the Trevor Bland Story
A Biography ? Compiled & Written by Ron Pemberton.
$ 30.00

Aviation Medicine and Human Factors
(Sixth International Edition) An introductory for beginners in aviation.
$ 50.00

One Man's War
$ 30.00