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Aviation Medicine and other Human Factors for Pilots
by Dr. Ross Ewing (cartoons by Martin Muller) - 5th 'International' Edition

This is a world-class and unique book that has been written by an experienced pilot and instructor who later went on to study medicine, teach pilots in aviation medicine, and become a recognized aviation author.

In this book, the author has drawn on his flying experience and combined it with his medical training and experience and in teaching aviation medicine to produce an authoritative and wide ranging text on aviation medicine and other human factors associated with flying.

His experience in aviation, his knowledge, his simple writing style and obvious enthusiasm for his subject make for very instructive reading. The emphasis in the book is on aviation medicine and it has detailed chapters on: the effects on the body of altitude, spatial disorientation, vision in aviation, and factors which affect a pilot's performance and fitness to fly.

The book contains special sections for glider pilots and sport parachutists, and there are chapters on aviation first aid and survival.

It is an excellent introductory text for all beginners in aviation.(including those for whom English is a second language) - and also for those who want to know about the subject.

It is a highly suitable international learning text and is of a standard up to commercial pilot level, and beyond.

The book has 170 pages, a soft cover, cartoons, detailed diagrams, 21 chapters, and a detailed index. It is A5 in size.

Click here to read an excerpt form Aviation Medicine and other Human Factors for Pilots.

This book has been designed as a companion text to "All About Aerobatics", and see the special discount deal for buying both books together.

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