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"The Best Pilot Checklists in the World"

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The Best Pilot Best Checklists in The World

This short booklet is about checks and checklists relating to conventional piston engine aircraft.

It is particularly suited to low-time beginner pilots who are just starting out and are trying to piece together exactly what flying is all about.It is also suited to more experienced pilots who may have already adopted their own set of checks; it will allow them to compare their checks with those in this booklet that have been developed and passed down through the ages amongst the piloting fraternity. It is also designed to be read by pilots' friends, family and passengers.

It is not the aim in this booklet to teach people how to fly but rather to give them an introduction to the sort of thinking, drills, vital actions, checks and checklists that a pilot needs to indulge in during the course of everyday flying.

Its aim is to help cultivate good habits in all light aircraft pilots and perhaps help identify any bad or ill-conceived habits that pilots might well be better off without.

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The Best Pilot Checklists in The World .

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