All About Aerobatics


By Ross Ewing

This book is a “must have” for all pilots as it is the author’s contention (and experience) that to fully understand “flying” it is necessary to have some experience in aerobatics.

It has 116 pages, a soft cover, 21 very clear and original diagrams (each was designed by the author and then drawn by artist Adele Souster), 12 chapters and an index. It is A5 in size.

This book has been designed as a companion text to Aviation Medicine and other Human Factors for Pilots.

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ISBN: 0-476-01481-6


Written by an experienced aerobatic display pilot and instructor (and recognised author), this book fills a gap internationally as an authoritative reference in the field of basic aerobatics. It is particularly suited for someone who is just starting out.

The book is unique in that it describes all aerobatic manoeuvres from the same point of view – i.e. “over the pilot’s right-hand shoulder” plus it shows what view the pilot should see ahead from various points around the manoeuvre. It also shows “Aresti” aerobatic symbology.

It is written so as to be suitable for pilots of all ages and flying all aerobatic aircraft types. It provides a good lead-in to competition aerobatics and ex-military “warbird” aircraft aerobatic display flying.

This book also gives tips, details common problems, and gives anecdotes and cautions about the various aspects of aerobatics. It has chapters on glider aerobatics, airshow solo display flying and formation aerobatics.

It is simple to read and understand and is also very readable for those who just want to know about aerobatics. It will assist pilots who want to start aerobatic flying or improve their current aerobatics.


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