The Hawk of the Sky – My Story


By Raewyn Ewing

This book is a “reader” for young children in the 5-10 year age bracket.

It is about the Skyhawk fighter/bomber plane, which was bought in 1970 for the Royal New Zealand Air Force and which became disbanded from use in 2001.

The book is in full colour, has 28 pages, and is of A4 (horizontal) size.

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ISBN: 0-473-08402-3


This historical story is told as if the plane was talking, i.e. it is from the plane’s point of view.

Because of its unique and colourful subject material, the book is also ideal for older children and young adults who have a reading difficulty.  It is well illustrated and has impressive full-page colour “real life” action photographs.

Extension of the average child’s vocabulary has been attempted with unusual words being numbered and itemized explanations given at the bottom of each page.

The author is a teacher of young children and mother of three.


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